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Every image you see is formed from tiny squares or “PIXELS” Square Pixel believes that every design starts from the smallest detail. We strive to obtain attention to detail never overlooking the little subtleties that help to create that eye grabbing image. We are fueled by creative concepts. We have a history of creating the highest quality of dynamic work for advertising, broadcast, retail, and personal projects.

We understand that your BRAND is important and want to make it shine by creating a community of design for your marketing. Every little things makes a difference. We are well versed in design and pay attention to color, placement, typography and content. We like to think of our customers as partners in the process not just clients. Continually striving to work with you not just for you. From concept of your idea through completion of your work we are with you every step of the way.

Using modern standards such as PHP, CSS, HTML 5 and mobile development tools in our webs design, no matter where or who is using your website it will be displayed correctly. We know and understand printing methods and packaging methods. We also work with visual imagery like HD Video and Digital Photography. You only have one chance to make a first impression and that may only be a glancing few seconds. Make them count with our amazing design skills because looking good matters!


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We are experts in the field of design creation. Square Pixel was formed out of love for clean beautiful design with a powerful fun message. So we spend our time helping visionary companies in creating compelling brands and concepts from the ground up. With our work in fields such as Interactive Web Media, logo and print design, retail packaging, as well as video and photography. Square Pixel is a full time design company with offices in Salt Lake City. This is all we do, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your friend of a friend will have time to complete your website in the next century. It also means that we are always here for help and consulting support.

We believe that your brand should consist of a clear message that is easy for your customer to understand. In this day and age having strong supporting media is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Many people will instantly judge the professionalism of your company by your advertising materials, and your website. Square Pixel helps to design a community of design that support strong brand messages.

We specialize in

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